Fillmore Rentals in Ventura County

Rental Equipment in Fillmore, California

Fillmore Rentals in Fillmore, California, provides you with an assortment of rental equipment to help you finish even the most difficult of task. Our professional services help you pick out the best piece of equipment for the job at hand.

Equipping you with the Best

Since 1994, we have been family owned and operated. The owners are completely hands-on and have a passion for their job.

Seeing you complete a task with equipment that you rented from us makes us feel good and accomplished

Some of the services we have to offer you include:

  • Landscaping Equipment
  • Contractor’s Equipment
  • Residential Equipment
  • Plumbing Equipment
  • You Cart Concrete
  • Propane

The Fillmore Difference

Count on our professional staff to take care of all your needs with our affordable rental services.

Your satisfaction is our priority and it is our goal to make sure you are as happy with the result as we are. The customer service that we offer you is top notch and our team is very knowledgeable about their profession. If you have a problem, we guarantee we can fix it by giving you the correct equipment.

For product pricing details, service timelines, ordering information, or any other questions you have, call us at (805) 524-2357 — Or contact us through the online form.


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